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PlayStation 3 HKS Racing Controller  (PlayStation 3) Trade Bonus

Release Date: 09/28/2010


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PlayStation 3 HKS Racing Controller
PlayStation 3
  • Publisher: Eagle 3
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: PlayStation 3

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Trade-In Bonus - *Limited time only


PlayStation 3 HKS Racing Controller

Interworks Unlimited's HKS Racing Controller for PS3 employs new controller engineering to deliver more realistic game simulation with your Playstation 3. The idea is to place you behind the wheel as you race down a track or conquer a galaxy. You'll feel the curves and each tug of excitement as you veer and turn at shockingly high speeds.

You may be comfortably sitting in front of your TV. With this controller, there's a fine line between reality and how you interact with what's on screen. The Interworks HKS Racing Controller features analog pressure acceleration and brake pedals - these full range pressure sensors allow real world control over gas and brake pedals, so you have the absolute control necessary to execute the advanced heel-toe racing technique for drifting. The light up numerical indicator displays your real-time pressure being applied to the accelerator and brake pedals. Dynamic digital readout incrementally displays pressure readout in every millisecond.

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