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Sengoku Musou Treasure Box Edition  (PlayStation 2) Imported

Release Date: 02/11/2004

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Sengoku Musou Treasure Box Edition
PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: KOEI
  • Genre: Action & Adv
  • Platform: PlayStation 2

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The complete condition of pre-owned Sengoku Musou Treasure Box Edition includes Manual, Box, All other Accessories

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This game is set in 1467 Japan during the Sengoku period, when the Ashikaga Shogunate collapsed and the country erupted in a series of major wars. Players control Sanada Yukimura, who leads an elite band of samurai and ninja. Sanada is cast into the battlefields of Kawanakajima and Okehazama where he confronts kunoichis, ninjas, and armed soldiers. Gamers can also play as other characters which have to be unlocked.