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PS2 Super Pro Stick by MAS  (PlayStation 2)


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PS2 Super Pro Stick by MAS
PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: MAS Systems
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: PlayStation 2



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Price: $89.95


Experience the real Arcade Feel at home:

The Mas System Arcade stick is made of a high quality sturdy fiberboard base like an arcade machines stick.

The Super Stick Pro also has the newer "baseball bat" shape stick opposed to the Ball on Stick, which also removes the clicking sound that most joysticks have.

The buttons on the MAS System joypad are actually controlled by micro-switches, not foam pads like in regular joypad, giving the Super Pro Pad unbeatable response times and a true arcade feel.

Special Note for the Playstation 2 version : The Super Pro.Stick will set the Joystick to the default Digital mode on Power Up and report back to the system as a Dual Shock controller. The Digital, Left Analog or Right Analog Mode can be selected by simply pressing the Digital/Analog button & the L1 button (Left Analog) or the R1 (Right Analog). Because the actual Joystick is an 8-way digital device, all Analog functions shall be simulated, True Analog movements of the character is not possible. Also Note that this version is 100% downward compatible with all PSOne systems

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