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Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex  (PlayStation 2)

Release Date: 11/09/2004

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Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: BANDAI
  • Genre: Action & Adv
  • Platform: PlayStation 2



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In a world without borders, terrorism knows no limits.

In the year 2030, where does reality end and virtuality begin? The line between cyborg and human is almost indistinguishable and cyber-crime, espionage, and terrorism plague a society lost between humanity and technology.

As Section 9's secret weapon, Major Motoko Kusanagi is humanity's last hope.

Playing as Motoko and Batou, your first mission will be to investigate suspected arms traffickers. In the course of this investigation you’ll uncover another mystery involving the body of a scientist who was thought to have died 5 years previously. When the suspected "arms" turn out to be a shipment of rice, you're left wondering how these events could be connected.

As Motoko, Batou and the Tachikoma, you must unravel the mystery surrounding these and other seemingly unlinked events. As you proceed with your mission, you'll encounter various enemies sent by their leader to sabotage your investigation. As a member of Section 9, you'll call on all your resources; skill, intelligence, teamwork and strength will all play a part. Hack into your enemies to use their knowledge against them as you struggle to defeat whatever it is that is behind all of these unexplained mysteries.