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Soukaigi  (PlayStation) Imported

Release Date: 05/28/1998

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  • Publisher: Square
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform: PlayStation



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Soukaigi (PlayStation)

Mt. Fuji has split in half bringing forth the Garan who want to take control of Earth. The Garan's power is contained in red, yellow, and blue crystals. You control one of the chosen ones who were destined to fight and destroy the Garan.

Gameplay is very much like Tenchu, in a 3rd person view, as you run around the streets of villages in search of magic power-ups and the different coloured crystals before the Garan find them for their power.

Fighting is also like Tenchu, as you engage enemies using your weapons to injure your opponents or to block their attacks. You also have magic as another weapon to use against them. Combos are easily achieved and different weapons work better, or not at all on some enemies, so magic must be used.