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Riven Official Hints and Solutions Book  (PlayStation)

Release Date: 10/15/1997


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Riven Official Hints and Solutions Book



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Riven Official Guide by BradyGames

The perfect companion volume for Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Official Riven Hints and Solutions allows you to easily look for only as much help as you desire or need. Since the excitement of Riven (as with Myst) comes from solving the puzzles and riddles on your own and discovering what comes next at your pace, many readers will only want the tiniest of hints to help them out.

The first portion of the book is devoted solely to these kinds of helpful hints. The hints increase in suggestiveness the further you go, so that if one clue doesn't do the trick, another might. The next section has more concrete advice, maps, and a few strong pushes in the right direction. It still falls short of total disclosure, which will preserve some sense of mystery and discovery. The final portion of the book has complete, unabridged solutions and answers if you just can't bear the frustration of the Gate Room any longer and want to get going again. For the die-hard fan, there's even a narrative-style walk-through of the entire game that fits into the storyline of the Myst novels. Perfectly suited to its subject and designed only to deliver what you require at any particular juncture, Official Riven Hints and Solutions is the way game guides should be.

  • With this guide, you can help Atrus find Catherine in RIVEN: The Sequel to MYST.

  • Uses popular "hints and solutions" approach to puzzle-solving.

  • Includes walkthroughs of each world, plus detailed maps.

  • Paperback, 212 Pages.

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