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PlayStation Namco JogCon Controller  (PlayStation) Imported Trade Bonus

Release Date: 12/03/1998

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PlayStation Namco JogCon Controller
  • Publisher: NAMCO
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: PlayStation



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PlayStation Namco JogCon Controller

Originally released in 1998 as part of a special edition package with Namco's Ridge Racer R4 videogame, it was designed to combine the function of a steering wheel controller, while maintaining the size of a standard PlayStation controller.

The JogCon has a design and layout similar to the standard PlayStation gamepad, with one major difference -- the small, thumb-operated steering wheel located in the center of the controller. Steering left or right is accomplished by using both thumbs on either side of the dial, while the shoulder buttons handle acceleration and braking. A motor located behind the dial provides force-feedback.

Note: Not all PS driving games are compatible with Namco JogCon controller.

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