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PlayStation Home Arcade Twin Shock Stick  (PlayStation)

Release Date: 09/09/1995

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PlayStation Home Arcade Twin Shock Stick
  • Publisher: Blaze
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: PlayStation



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The complete condition of pre-owned PlayStation Home Arcade Twin Shock Stick includes Manual, Box

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PlayStation Home Arcade Twin Shock Stick by Blaze

The Twin Shock Home Arcade is an arcade stick -- a digital arcade stick. As you would expect, an analog controller would give you better precision. However, arcade sticks are rarely about precision, but instead are for games that focus more on button slapping mayhem. The Twin Shock offers a host of full-sized arcade style buttons giving your fingers ample 'frenzied attack' breathing room. The stick itself appears to be fresh out of an arcade -- No, REALLY! You'll need a big coffee table for this one, but it's like taking a chainsaw to an arcade game case and running off with the 'control-ie' part.

You get two complete controllers built into one slick unit. Each side has an arcade style joystick, eight buttons in a 'fighter' layout, and a button for setting turbos, one for clearing turbos, and a 'slow' feature. There are also two sets of Start and Select buttons located in the center of the unit. This is an excellent controller for fans of old school fighters.

This controller is normally white, but a limited edition black version with red buttons is also available. The color you receive may vary based on availability at the time you place your order.