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OverBlood 2  (PlayStation) Imported Trade Bonus

Release Date: 06/30/1998


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OverBlood 2
  • Publisher: Riverhill soft
  • Genre: Action & Adv
  • Platform: PlayStation
  • Rating: Teen



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OverBlood 2 (PlayStation)

Unlike the original, Overblood 2 has a revamped control scheme, as well as a totally new look. In the beginning of the game you endure a particularly lengthy sequence that sets the stage for the story.

As with many of the segues in the game, they are rendered using the game's graphics engine, although there is plenty of CG footage to be found as well. Once actual gameplay begins it comes off like a cross between the original Overblood and Final Fantasy VII.

Like the first Overblood, much of the game is completely rendered in polygons. The rooms can be viewed from virtually any angle and so on. In other parts of the game, Overblood looks like FFVII, or even Parasite Eve, in that the backgrounds are pre-rendered, and your polygon guy runs around this substantially more detailed environment.

During the entire game, Acarno must search practically every nook and cranny leaving no stone unturned, as numerous secrets and hidden places await in practically every screen. Occasionally he'll get into an altercation where he'll have to trade gunfire with the criminal element, but the game is not so combat based as it is objective based. You must find objects, items, keys, voice recorders, guns, security cards, and more, all for the sake of progressing in the game.

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