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Monster Rancher 2 Demo CD  (PlayStation)

Release Date: 09/03/1999

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Monster Rancher 2 Demo CD



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Monster Rancher 2 Demo CD (Sony Playstation)

Monster Rancher 2 is the sequel to one of the strangest and most innovative games ever produced. It is a virtual pet simulator in many ways, but transcends that description by virtue of its varied gameplay elements and combat-oriented theme.

The game begins with the creation of a monster, which is accomplished by inserting any CD (even an audio CD) into the PlayStation. A unique monster is generated from the data that is imbedded on each CD. Once you have your unique CD-generated beast, it's time to go to the ranch for training. With each training session, you will raise your monster stamina and strength statistics, which gives each particular monster a better chance for success in the game's exciting combat mode. Sending an undisciplined monster into the arena is a recipe for failure, so much of our playing time involved training our creations and watching them develop into lethal, confident juggernauts.

No two monsters are the same, and each develops its own unique personality as the game progresses. We became more attached to this game's creations than other games in the genre because of this well-executed feature.