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PSP Max Power Battery Pack (Datel)  (PSP) Trade Bonus


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PSP Max Power Battery Pack (Datel)
  • Publisher: Datel
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: PSP



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Price: $19.95

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PSP Max Power Battery Pack (Datel)

Depending on what you're doing with it, your PSP battery can give you up to 10 hours of use per charge. But intense gaming sessions are more likely to last about 3 or 4. That's not bad, but is it enough? Again, that depends on what you want out of your PSP, but you could already be finding that those hours fly by when you're having PSP fun. With a back-up battery to hand, you'll never need to worry about draining your current battery again. If it runs out, just swap the batteries over.

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