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PSP Light and Privacy Control Filter / Screen Protector  (PSP)

Release Date: 08/25/2005


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PSP Light and Privacy Control Filter / Screen Protector
  • Publisher: Hori
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: PSP

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This PSP Light and Privacy Control Filter / Screen protector attaches easily to your PSP screen giving more privacy by reducing the screens viewing angle. This filter also reduces glare and works similar to the Hori PSP Screen Filter by protecting against dust, fingerprints and scratches.

Instructions on applying PSP Light and Privacy Control Filter / Screen Protector:

The screen filter is sandwiched between a sheet with a rounded tab and a sheet with a red tab

    1. Wipe the screen first: Please wipe the screen carefully and thoroughly to get all dust and other particles before applying the filter.

    2. Remove the first protective sheet: Remove the sheet with the rounded tab. When removing the sheet with the rounded tab, make sure that the filter itself does not also come off. If the filter does come off, just remove the filter from the sheet with the rounded tab and apply the filter to the screen.

    3. Apply filter onto the Sony PSP LCD panel: Line up the filter to the LCD screen and gently apply starting from one side of the screen and carefully applying it all the way across.

    4. Securely attach the filter to the screen: Gently run your fingers over the filter starting from the middle, to remove all air bubbles and to securely attach the filter to the LCD display. Make sure the side with the blue tab is facing you.

    5. Remove the final protective sheet from the filter: When removing the protective sheet with the red tab, push down on the middle of the screen gently with one finger while using your other hand to remove the protective screen by pulling on the red tab.
    *When removing the final protective sheet, be careful that the actual filter does not peel off.

    To make sure you applied the correct piece:

    • Make sure the filter was sandwiched between the 2 protective sheets.
    • The side of the filter you applied to the system should be sticky like the back of tape.
    • The filter should not have any tabs on it once applied to the system. (The other sheets have either a red or a round tab on them.)

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