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Wii Arcade Fighter Micro by DreamGear  (Nintendo Wii)

Release Date: 07/24/2009


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Wii Arcade Fighter Micro by DreamGear
Nintendo Wii
  • Publisher: DreamGear
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii



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Wii Arcade Fighter Micro by DreamGear (Nintendo Wii)

The Arcade Fighter Micro brings the excitement and control of the arcade into the palm of your hand. The compact design of the joystick and action buttons enhances your favorite fighting and classic arcade style games without the bulk and weight of other arcade sticks. It utilizes an 8 button configuration and an arcade style joystick. Perfect for all 2D fighting games and plugs directly into your Wii Remote.

Four different turbo functions allow you to fine-tune the stick based on your playstyle and the game. Exclusive to the Wii, it also features a program function that allows you to macro your most commonly used moves to a single button! Perfectly placed and ergonomically designed face buttons make multi-button combos easy to pull off and the joystick is built to suit both 2D fighters like Street Fighter and 3D fighters like Tekken.

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