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Retro Entertainment NES System Silver/Black  (Nintendo / NES)

Release Date: 08/20/2012


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Retro Entertainment NES System Silver/Black
Nintendo / NES
  • Publisher: Retro-Bit
  • Genre: Hardware
  • Platform: Nintendo / NES

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Retro Entertainment NES System Silver/Black

Tired of blowing on old cartridges? Tormented by a flashing blue screen? Let's face it, your classic NES has seen better days. But that's no reason to stop playing your favorite 8-bit games! Retro-bit's Retro Entertainment System is compatible with most of your classic NES cartridges. A top-loading design secures each game for hours of reliable game play. From Mario and Zelda to Simon and Samus, relive your gaming past, or share it with a new generation!

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