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Nintendo Entertainment System NES Model 1 Replacement Console Grade A - Refurbished  (Nintendo / NES)

Release Date: 10/18/1985


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Nintendo Entertainment System NES Model 1 Replacement Console Grade A - Refurbished
Nintendo / NES
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Genre: Hardware
  • Platform: Nintendo / NES



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Price: $114.95


Two ways to hook up your Nintendo NES system to an HDTV:

1) Use an AV Cable instead of an RF Switch.

2) You can also plug the AV Cable into an AV to HDMI converter. Just make sure that you have a spare HDMI Cable.


Nintendo Entertainment System Model 1 Console Only - Refurbished (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Nintendo's US version of their Famicom console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES), was released in America on October 18, 1985. Following the video game crash of 1983, the NES revitalized the game industry and became one of the bestselling consoles due to a library of iconic games such as Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Final Fantasy and more.

Nintendo NES Features

Grade A refurbished Nintendo NES system includes:

  • 1 Refurbished Nintendo NES System, Original Model (Grade A)

What Does "Grade A" Mean?

Grade A Refurbished Nintendo NES Systems meet the following conditions:

  • NES console features minimal to no discoloration and/or surface damages.
  • NES console passed our proprietary 18-Point quality assurance testing.

Quality Assurance Testing

All Refurbished Nintendo NES Systems have met or surpassed our proprietary 18-Point check system's high performance standards, including:

  • Cosmetic Discoloration & Damage Inspection on console
  • Functional Testing on console
  • Inspection for issues such as faulty game cartridge tray, controller port, & display issues

Nintendo NES systems include a 90 day warranty, and are cleaned/carefully packaged to meet your quality expectations.

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