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Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver: The Official Guide  (Nintendo DS)

Release Date: 03/09/2010


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Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver: The Official Guide
Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Prima
  • Genre: RPG, Guide Books
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Rating: Everyone



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Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver: The Official Guide (Nintendo DS)

The Primer for Pokemon Training has basic information on the game and the world of Pokemon. It also explains the games' new features.

From New Bark Town all the way to the Pokemon League, the Johto Adventure Walkthrough will guide you through your adventure.

The Safari Zone Guide tells you what you need to know about the Safari Zone, home to lots of wild Pokemon.

Use the Pokeathlon Guide to learn how to compete in all the events of the Pokeathlon, a Pokemon sports festival.

Learn how to use the Pokewalker with the Pokewalker Guide! The Pokewalker is an accessory that lets you take Pokemon with you anywhere, anytime.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Guide uses examples to explain gameplay features available through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

See examples of the different play experiences you can access through Nintendo DS Wireless Communications in the Link Play Guide.

The Johto Pokedex is a guide to Johto's 256 Pokemon species. It's a quick way to check where and how you can find each Pokemon.

Adventure Data shows useful charts of everything from Pokemon moves and Abilities to items and their uses.

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