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Mega Man Zx BradyGames Official Strategy Guide  (Nintendo DS)

Release Date: 09/13/2006


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Mega Man Zx BradyGames Official Strategy Guide
Nintendo DS


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Mega Man Zx BradyGames Official Strategy Guide
A World Ravaged by War...

Slither Inc. has made great strides in rebuilding civilization. Acting as both builder and security force, Slither defends the people from the wild Maverick Mechaniloids and Reploids that threaten peace. But the raids still continue.

Ten years ago, a Maverick raid left a single survivor. This individual is unaware of the destiny that awaits...

BradyGames’ Mega Man ZX Official Strategy Guide includes the following:

  • Comprehensive walkthrough: All of the information to take you through every difficult stage of the game!
  • Enemy data: tricks and stats for every enemy Mechaniloid and Reploid that you will face!
  • Forms and data disks: learn how to best use each attack form and find every hidden item in the game!
  • Power-ups: Find every SubTank and Upgrade to give you the edge in every fight!

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