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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide  (Nintendo DS) Trade Bonus

Release Date: 10/16/2008

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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide
Nintendo DS



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Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide (Nintendo DS)

Help the Order of Ecclesia Destroy Dracula!
Shanoa has been chosen by the Order of Ecclesia to undergo a ritual that would make her the recipient of the Dominus glyph - a powerful weapon that has been created to destroy Dracula. Before the ritual can be completed, the Dominus glyph is stolen by Shanoa’s rival - Albus. Will she be able to wrest the powerful glyph from her adversary? Will Dracula be defeated?

A Beacon of Hope in a Dark World
Our comprehensive walkthrough guides you through the horrors of Castlevania and the surrounding countryside, pointing out useful treasure, items, and monsters along the way.

Dungeon Cartography
The detailed maps show you the best way through each area and pinpoint secret passages, hidden areas, monster locations, and save points.

The Bestiary
A reference guide to the hideous minions of Castlevania. Discover every monster’s weakness, item drops, and glyph.

The Armory
Learn the location, advantage, and statistics of every relic, accessory, and item in the game.

The Crypt
Your guide to all of the secrets, special endings, and special game modes that Castlevania

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