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Virtual Pro Wrestling 64  (Nintendo 64) Imported

Release Date: 12/19/1997

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Virtual Pro Wrestling 64
Nintendo 64
  • Publisher: Asmik Ace
  • Genre: Sports
  • Platform: Nintendo 64



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Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 (Nintendo 64 - Japanese Version)

Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 (The sequel to Virtual Pro Wrestling for the Playstation) is WCW Vs. NWO: World Tour and more, much more. Using the same engine as WCW Vs. NWO: World Tour, Asmik increased the size of the game by adding more characters including New Japan and All Japan Pro-Wrestlers. They also included a shootfighting league with famous shootfighters that compete in Pancrase, and RINGS. VPW 64 also includes more hidden wrestlers. You can access these characters after beating the Champion Road mode. These characters are known as the Legend and include the likes of Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr., Andre The Giant, Antonio Inoki, Giant Baba, Mil Mascaras, Dos Caras, Tiger Mask, and many more. There are also wrestlers that you obtain by beating a league with a certain character. An example of this is beating it with Keiji Muto and getting The Great Muta. Overall, their is more than 90 wrestlers.