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Super Skweek  (Atari LYNX)

Release Date: 01/01/1991


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Super Skweek
Atari LYNX
  • Publisher: ATARI
  • Genre: Puzzle, Games
  • Platform: Atari LYNX
  • Rating: Everyone



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Super Skweek (Atari LYNX)

Super Skweek has you playing as a little orange furball named Skweek as he travels to five colorful islands filled with enemy creatures. The game is played from a top-down perspective as you aim to walk over as many blue tiles as you can on each level. While Skweek's primary objective is to paint each tile pink before leaving the stage (which is accomplished simply by walking over them), there are several things standing in his way. These include monsters, a time limit and special tiles which cannot be painted! Some of the tiles you'll have to deal with include the following: "up" or "lift tiles"; "arrow tiles" which push Skweek in the direction of the arrow; "mine tiles" which explode on contact; "in tiles" which lead to shops; "surround tiles" which can only be painted after the adjacent areas are painted; "black tiles" or holes in the floor; "cracked tiles" which crumble away as Skweek walks on them; and "destructible walls" which must be cleared by using certain weapons.

Other notable items to find are food for points, Zarg coins to purchase items in the shop and weapons to defend yourself against the monsters. In order to succeed in Super Skweek, you must follow the objectives detailed at the beginning of each level (by King Skweek himself) within the time limit. While most involve painting floors pink, some missions may require you to rescue the beautiful Squeezettes who have been imprisoned!

Three modes of play include Normal Game, Random Game or the two-player Combat Game. The Combat Game has you and a friend squaring off as either Skweek or Skruch, while the other two games allow for cooperative play. Normal Game lets you select any one of the five islands to start with, and Random Game automatically places you on one of the game's 250 levels. Passwords are also given after each level, so players are free to resume progress at a later time.

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