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Splinter Cell Double Agent Game Guide  (Guide Books)

Release Date: 10/25/2006


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Splinter Cell Double Agent Game Guide
Guide Books


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Splinter Cell Double Agent Game Guide

No Matter Whose Side You're On, You Need This Guide

  • Find your way: Maps of all missions to guide you
  • Choose your environment: Comprehensive walkthroughs for the Xbox 360, PlayStation2, GameCube, and PC versions of the game
  • Avoid all alarms: Strategies to take down or evade every foe and obstacle in every solo and co-op mission
  • Play all angles: Use the new Trust Level system to convince either the government or the terrorists that you are on their side
  • Know your gadgets: Complete description of all equipment (and guns) of Splinter Cell agents
  • Multiplayer mayhem: Get the drop on the competition with our expert tips and suggestions, including exclusive strategies from the Frag Dolls!

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