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Sonic the Hedgehog Official Game Guide  (Guide Books)

Release Date: 11/14/2006

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Sonic the Hedgehog Official Game Guide
Guide Books



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Sonic the Hedgehog Official Game Guide

Sonic The Hedgehog brings the popular character back to his high-velocity roots, for a new dimension of entertainment. In his first adventure set in the human world, Sonic meets a beautiful princess named Elise -- queen of Soleanna, the beautiful city of water. When she's kidnapped by Dr. Eggman, Sonic enters the world of humans to fight the menacing doctor to thwart his malicious plans. As he stops Eggman's plans to destroy this special kingdom of hers, Sonic will encounter and interact with new allies and enemies, like the mysterious, supernatural Silver. As Sonic speeds through the huge kingdom, the mysteries unravel.