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Saw Official Strategy Guide  (Guide Books)

Release Date: 09/28/2009


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Saw Official Strategy Guide
Guide Books


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Saw Official Strategy Guide by Brady

  • A complete walkthrough of the entire game, leading players through the many traps Jigsaw has laid out.
  • PUZZLES: Exhaustive coverage of every puzzle. From the simpler puzzles for avoiding traps to the most challenging ones, this guide has it all!
  • AREA MAPS: Detailed maps pinpoint the locations of Jigsaw’s traps and other key areas
  • ITEMS AND EQUIPMENT: Complete listing of every weapon and component along with tips on how to use each one
  • CHARACTER LISTING: In-depth coverage of every victim and how to save them
  • ENEMY COVERAGE: Everything you need to know about Jigsaw’s minions and how to defeat them
  • ACHIEVMENTS AND TROPIES: All Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Tropies are revealed!