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Resident Evil 5 - The Complete Official Guide by Piggyback  (Guide Books)

Release Date: 03/26/2009


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Resident Evil 5 - The Complete Official Guide by Piggyback
Guide Books
  • Publisher: Piggyback
  • Genre: Guide Books
  • Platform: Guide Books
  • Rating: Mature



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Resident Evil 5 - The Complete Official Guide by Piggyback

Resident Evil 5 – The Complete Official Guide is one of the most ambitious Piggyback projects to date. Featuring an unprecedented level of insider knowledge from the Capcom development staff, and countless hours of research from our elite editorial team, it is an indispensable companion for any fan seeking to enjoy every last moment of this huge horror adventure. No matter the level of assistance you require, our guide has all the answers you need – and many more that you might not have thought to ask.

The extensive “super-visual” Walkthrough chapter is applicable to all difficulty settings. On left-hand pages, detailed annotated maps reveal the locations of all collectible items and are accompanied by step-by step guidance to lead you through the relevant area. On right-hand pages, we step up the pace and focus on advanced strategies, enemy analysis, hidden features and pertinent trivia. The chapter is designed to enable readers to progress at their own speed, so you can adjust the level of support you use at any time.

With Resident Evil 5 designed for repeat play on higher difficulty levels, later chapters prepare you for the challenge ahead by offering focused advice and vital insights. To help you dispatch your foes with greater ease, an exhaustive Bestiary chapter studies each assailant individually with a strong focus on practical, advanced information, including weak spots, weapon weaknesses/resistance, behavior patterns and tried-and-tested tactics. It seems like an understatement to say that Resident Evil 5 is packed with secrets and unlockables, but the Extras chapter will tell you how to discover and unlock every last hidden feature.

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