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Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Limited Edition Guide  (Guide Books)

Release Date: 10/11/2011


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Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Limited Edition Guide
Guide Books



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Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Limited Edition Guide by BradyGames

Find Redemption! This giant hardcover tome is your ultimate guide to all things Red Dead Redemption—a must-have resource and collectible for all Rockstar fans!

    Covers Everything!
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Undead Nightmare
  • Outlaws to the End
  • Legends & Killers
  • Liars & Cheats
  • Myths & Mavericks

  • Missions - Maps and strategy for all Acts of the Main Story and Undead Nightmare, plus everything else required to achieve 100% completion.

  • Maps- Our detailed maps and descriptions reveal precise locations for all collectibles and side missions. Find Gang Hideouts, Wanted Poster & Bounty targets, Treasure Maps & Chests, Wildflowers, Hunting spots, and more!

  • Challenges - Expert tactics for completing all Sharpshooter, Nightwatch, Strangers, Missing Persons, Treasure Hunting, and more.

  • Mythical Creatures - Find Sasquatch, Chupacabra, and all the elusive undead beasts—including all four Horses of the Apocalypse and the mythical unicorn!

  • Weapons & Goods - Stats for every weapon in your arsenal and market value for all items that can be bought and sold in shops. Plus, a guide to finding and rationing ammo in Undead Nightmare.

  • Red Dead Basics - Everything you need to know about traveling, camping, using cover, dueling, and using Dead-Eye targeting. We show you how to survive in the West… and save the Survivors from Zombie infestation.

  • Multiplayer - Complete coverage on all modes of Multiplayer , including the DLC—featuring pro tips from the Rockstar MP test team.

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