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Alias Official Strategy Guide  (Guide Books)


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Alias Official Strategy Guide
Guide Books



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Alias Official Strategy Guide

The CIA has one shot to stop Anna's plan and bring Sloane to justice . . .

Her name: Sydney Bristow
Her job: Agent for the CIA
Her target: Arvin Sloane . . . The man who murdered her fiancй.

What we know . . .

  • At 2300, non-official cover operative Jacobs was compromised by Anna Espinosa.
  • Anna is currently working with a sect determined to bring the works of 15th century philosopher, physicist and prophet, Milo Rambaldi, to life.

    What we suspect . . .

    • Anna may have teamed with Sydney's old nemesis, Sark, a slippery, cunning gun-for-hire.
    • The participation of Sark might lead us to Arvin Sloane, a highly intelligent . . . utterly corrupt . . . crime lord.

      Our Op-tech specialists will give you the tools you need to stop Anna and Sloane but only Prima's Official Strategy Guide will give you the tools to survive!

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