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GameCube Controller Emerald Blue  (GameCube) Imported Trade Bonus

Release Date: 09/14/2001


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GameCube Controller Emerald Blue
  • Publisher: NINTENDO
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: GameCube



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Price: $45.00

Trade-In Bonus - *Limited time only


Fully compatible with Nintendo Wii systems


Emerald Blue Nintendo Gamecube Controller

To increase controller stability and ease of use, Nintendo has designed two grips and grouped the controls for the left and right hands into two "systems." In addition, we have arranged the buttons on the right side in such a way that the A button home position may be set by the player, making the role of each button more intuitive. In terms of functionality, an even wider variety of controller operations is now possible. We have added an actual analog trigger on both the right and left, as well as a second analog control stick. Furthermore, we've implemented a rumble function into the controller itself, thus eliminating the inconvenience of inserting and removing a separate rumble accessory or replacing batteries.