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Gamecube Advance Game Port by Intec  (GameCube)


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Gamecube Advance Game Port by Intec
  • Publisher: Intec
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: GameCube



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Price: $27.95

MSRP: $34.95


Gamecube Advance Game Port by Intec (Gamecube)

Tired of cramped hands, dead batteries and strained eyes?

Want to play Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire on the big screen?

Advanced Game Port (AGP) lets you play your Game Boy Advance/SP games on your TV set! Simply slot the AGP cartridge into your GameCube console, insert a GBA/SP game cartridge, and start playing your favourite games in seconds.

AGP is small, portable and lightweight, and it's so easy to use - just plug in and play. AGP is also compatible with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - it even maintains your real-time clock and save positions within GBA/SP games such as these. AGP is also lightning-fast - it loads your games in seconds!

AGP fits neatly into your GameCube's memory card slot and allows you to play your GBA games using your 'Cube's control pad (including analog stick control).

No Game Boy Advance or SP required! No extra power supply required! Right out of the box AGP contains everything you need to start playing your GBA/SP games on the big screen.

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