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GameCube Controller Jet Black by Nintendo  (GameCube) Trade Bonus

Release Date: 09/14/2001


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GameCube Controller Jet Black by Nintendo
  • Publisher: NINTENDO
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: GameCube



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Note: Since the Nintendo Wii is fully backwards compatible with Gamecube games, Nintendo has added controller ports on the Nintendo Wii system to make use of the Gamecube controllers. The Gamecube controller can also be used as an option for more than a few Nintendo Wii games such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl and a few others. The controller is also compatible with classic games from previous generations available through the Virtual Console.


Nintendo's Jet Black GameCube Controller's intent is stability and ease of use with its two grips, grouped controls for both the left and right hands, analog triggers on both sides, a second analog control stick and a rumble function.

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