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Doshin the Giant  (GameCube) Imported

Release Date: 03/14/2002

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Doshin the Giant



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Doshin the Giant (Gamecube - Japan Import)

The player controls the Doshin as he tries to help, or hinder the islands inhabitants. Doing so causes the villagers to release love or hate, which Doshin absorbs. The two feelings cancel each other out, however if he gets enough of one type he will grow in size. Doshin is the Love Giant, a yellow, featureless giant with a happy face and a few strands of hair. He is a benevolent, helpful being, who with his good actions, earns love from his people, and increases in size (only for that day, by the next day, he is back to normal size). He can pick up people trees and other such things. Doshin can transform, at will, into his evil alter ego Jashin, the Hate Giant, (in the GameCube version he has wings on its back and clawed feet, and inspire Hate monuments that are slightly different than the Love monuments Doshin can earn.)[4] Jashin is known to be a destructive force to the natives, the exact opposite to Doshin's nature. With his bad actions, people show him their dislike, and he increases in size.