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Daffy Duck: Fowl Play  (Game Boy Color)

Release Date: 01/09/1999

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Daffy Duck: Fowl Play
Game Boy Color
  • Publisher: SUNSOFT
  • Genre: Action & Adv
  • Platform: Game Boy Color



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Daffy Duck: Fowl Play (Game Boy Color)

That wacky waterfowl with the loony laugh is back in Daffy Duck: Fowl Play, which is compatible with both the Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color. You control Daffy, and the goal of the game is to help him find the treasure he needs to become rich. Be careful, though, because he's not only greedy, he's also very clumsy.

There are six levels to traverse in your journey: the country, where rural does not equal peace and tranquility; the lakeside, where you jump in the lake and then have to dive off an enormous cliff; a snowy mountain; a forest full of scary monsters; a plateau full of perilous jumps to make and stinging scorpions; and, finally, the desert, where you just might find some ancient ruins containing what you're looking for if you don't fall into any traps first.

Daffy starts with five lives; every time an enemy grabs him, he falls into a trap or his energy meter runs out, he loses one of them. Hearts and bags of money which pop up along the way increase his lives by one. Food left behind by defeated enemies increases his energy level, and the treasure box at the end of each stage gives him access to the next one.

This game is for one player only. Passwords are given out so that you can restore the game where you left off later.