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Atari Plug 'N Play Pong Paddle Keychain  (Atari 2600)

Release Date: 11/01/2006


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Atari Plug 'N Play Pong Paddle Keychain
Atari 2600



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The classic 80’s Atari Paddle and Joystick are now small enough to carry anywhere and fit conveniently in your pocket! The Atari Plug ‘N Play Keychains allow you to play your favorite classic Atari 2600 games wherever you go, on any TV!

Choose from one of three retro Atari Plug ‘N Play Keychains. The paddle keychain includes Breakout, Pong, and Warlords while two separate joysticks include Millipede, Asteroids, Yar’s Revenge, and Centipede. Each keychain includes a separate pocket size reel that holds six feet of cord and RCA jacks. Simply plug in and play on any TV!

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