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Adventure (Atari)  (Atari 2600)

Release Date: 01/01/1978


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Adventure (Atari)
Atari 2600



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Adventure (Atari) (Atari 2600 Games)

How did you get into this mess? Well every hero eventually has an adventure breathing down their neck sooner or later, in this case your quest is to find the "Enchanted Chalice" some low-life evil magician stole and return it to the Golden Castle once and for all (hopefully the guards won't sleep on the job again).

Well, no one said being an adventurer (much less a hero) was easy, especially with this Yellow Dragon (Yorgie was it?) eyeing you as if you were that roast chicken you swiped the other day. Yorgie (cute name for a dragon though, hey shouldn't you have been guarding the Enchanted Chalice?) claims there are two other dragons you'll have to deal with (supposing you don't end up as his side-dish), courtesy of the Evil Magician. The other two blokes are Grundle, the Green Dragon and Rhindle, the Red Dragon. Rhindle is renowned for being the fastest Dragon around (not like Yorgie the eight-wheeler cart here).

Might as well kill this sorry excuse for a dragon (the gypsy at the pawn shop says this sword I bought from her can kill dragons...or was it lizards?) and continue exploring these three castles everyone's been telling me about: The White Castle, Black Castle and ultimately the Golden Castle...someone also said something about keys to gain entrance. Oh well, time for some dragon-slaying


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