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Newtype USA May 2005 w/ DVD  (Artbook/Book)

Release Date: 04/20/2005


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Newtype USA May 2005 w/ DVD



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The English-language edition of Japan's #1 anime and manga publication, with all of the best Japanese content translated plus loads of original material. Oversized, glossy, and premium in every way. And like the Japanese original, it reads from right to left. How big is it? Twelve monthly issues, weighing in at almost 200 pages each. Contents include anime, manga, music, game, toy and model reviews, feature articles with incredible original illustrations by the industry's leading artists, director interviews, voice industry experts, tastemakers and deep-cover insiders. There's never been anything like this on these shores, and there's no better way for fans to stay on the cutting edge of the world of anime and mange.

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