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NewType USA Magazine Vol. 02 No. 06 June 2003  (Artbook/Book)


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NewType USA Magazine Vol. 02 No. 06 June 2003



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The June 2003 issue of Newtype USA will include features and the very latest information available about the best anime titles currently broadcasting in Japan, and about releases upcoming in the U.S. Specific contents will include:

Features the upcoming sensation Full Metal Panic!, the latest in the continuing series of behind-the-scenes looks at anime studios-this time, a look inside Studio 4°C, including their work on The Animatrix. Includes interviews with directors Mahiro Maeda, Shinichiro Watanabe and Koji Morimoto, articles on Chobits, Last Exile, Wolf's Rain, Samurai Deeper Kyo. The latest installment of the Full Metal Panic! manga serial.