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Manga Moods 40 Faces + 80 Phrases  (Artbook/Book)

Release Date: 01/07/2009


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Manga Moods 40 Faces + 80 Phrases
  • Publisher: Manga University
  • Genre: Books/Magazines
  • Platform: Artbook/Book
  • Rating: Everyone



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A raised eyebrow, a curled lip, a wink of the eye. All it takes is a single clever stroke of the G-pen to instantly change a manga character's mood from one extreme to the other: glad to sad, sassy to shy, angry to embarrassed. Takarai presents original pencil sketches alongside her finished full-color drawings to show just how the transformations take place.

In addition, each of the facial expressions is labeled with the Japanese word for the mood being depicted, along with common Japanese conversational phrases and simple translations, making this delightful book a great gift for aspiring artists, language enthusiasts and manga fans alike.

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