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Final Fantasy Cloud Message Artbook  (Artbook/Book) Imported

Release Date: 06/03/2009


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Final Fantasy Cloud Message Artbook
  • Publisher: ASCII Media Works
  • Genre: Artbook
  • Platform: Artbook/Book



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Final Fantasy Cloud Message Artbook

Cloud Strife, the protagonist of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII, and star of games such as Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and more, features in this new message book, designed to complement 2007's Cloud magazine special.

Jam-packed with full-color illustrations and CGI renders taken from classic games and upcoming games like Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Cloud: Message features a slick design and messages from the producers and directors of these best-selling video games as a testament to the character's enduring legacy. Japanese text.

Final Fantasy Cloud Message Artbook

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