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Witcher Ronin Geralt Nendoroid  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 11/16/2022

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Witcher Ronin Geralt Nendoroid



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Witcher Ronin Geralt Nendoroid (Pop Culture Merchandise)

From the manga The Witcher: Ronin comes a Nendoroid of Geralt as a Ronin Witcher! Like the manga, this Nendoroid reimagines Geralt as a swordsman wandering a medieval Japan-inspired world. Geralt carries two katana as a Ronin Witcher, both of which he can use to battle yokai and oni across the land as he searches for the mysterious Yuki Onna. Also included are two effect sheets to display him using two witcher signs, Yrden and Axii! In addition to his standard serious face plate, he also comes with face plates showing a mid-battle gritted teeth expression and even a small smile!

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