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Witchblade: Masane Amaha 8" PVC Statue  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 08/20/2008


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Witchblade: Masane Amaha 8

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Masane Amaha is the lead character (and blade-wielder) of Witchblade, an anime series based on the famous American comic series. Instead of a straight adaptation of the original series, the Japanese producers decided to create an entirely new scenario, with all new characters and situations. Directed by Yoshimitsi Ohashi (Galaxy Angel & Galaxy Angel Z) with character designs by Uno Makoto (Gravion TV & Stellvia), the Witchblade anime is coming soon to our shores. In the meantime, fans can score on of these very sexy 8” tall PVC statues of the Japanese wielder of the Witchblade, Masane Amaha, captured in a provocative pose!