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Tsukasa Bullet #02 Hanako-San Excellent Model Core Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 01/01/2010


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Tsukasa Bullet #02 Hanako-San Excellent Model Core Figure

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Excellent Model Core: Tsukasa Bullet #02 Hanako-San Figure

One of the most popular manga artists working in Japan today, Tsukasa Bullet's artwork combines the feminine form with an incongruous, yet sexy, artistic theme. Tsukasa combined Hanako-San, a young woman, with the stylings of a Holstein cow - cow ears and Holstein-patterned bikini (complete with tail) and leggings. That striking image has now been rendered as an Excellent Model Core figure, standing nearly 5" tall. Innocent, yet strangely alluring, Hanako-San comes fully assembled and painted. Imported from Japan!