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Trigun Badlands Rumble Vash the Stampede ARTFX J Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 03/06/2013


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Trigun Badlands Rumble Vash the Stampede ARTFX J Statue



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Trigun Badlands Rumble Vash the Stampede ARTFX J Statue

A Kotobukiya Japanese import! The next new addition to the ARTFXJ lineup (a bold new expansion designed "to bring classic Japanese characters to their fans worldwide") is one of the most popular franchises and characters of all time.

2010 brought a new reboot of the classic anime and manga Trigun with the hit feature film Badlands Rumble. Leaping straight out of that movie is the main character, the Humanoid Typhoon Vash the Stampede!

The pacifist gunman joins the ARTFXJ lineup in a powerful presentation featuring a sculpt that was produced from start to finish under the supervision of Yasuhiro Nightow, creator of Trigun! Incredible sculpted detailing and bright, bold painting bring Vash to life like never before, and you can even display him with or without his removable glasses!

As an added bonus, Vash even comes with the little black cat Kuroneko-sama. Sculpted by Tatsuya Hattori, Vash stands nearly 7 1/2 inches tall (1/8 scale) on an included display base.

Get him while you can; the ultra-popular gunman won't be around for long and will be even more in demand with the upcoming Nicholas D. Wolfwood ARTFXJ statue!

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