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Trigun 6" Meryl Stryfe Action Figure  (Merchandise)


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Trigun 6

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The latest addition to Yasuhiro Nightow’s Trigun action figure line is Meryl Stryfe, the insurance girl sent to keep a 24-hour surveillance on Vash the Stampede in an effort to lessen the damage he causes to the towns through which he passes. The Meryl Figure stands approximately 5" tall includes a removable cloak that conceals her high-tech derringer holster rack — with 20 removable derringers includes is a multi-part suitcase filled with miscellaneous accessories includes a 3D display stand depicting a bullet-riddled counter comes with a figure of Kuroneko the black cat, sculpted in a "hit-the-deck" position for gunfight scenes features original Japanese blister card packaging.