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Transformers Gen WFCK Titan Ark Action Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 12/23/2021

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Transformers Gen WFCK Titan Ark Action Figure



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Transformers Gen WFCK Titan Ark Action Figure (Pop Culture Merchandise)

The Autobot ship, the Ark, is now a converting robot! Autobot Ark converts between Ark ship and robot mode in 26 steps. Ship mode features landing gear and a ramp that comes down. Fit included Optimus Prime and other micro figures inside the ship mode! Figure's chest piece can be removed and converts into the Autobot computer, Teletraan-1, with detailed heads-up displays. Teletraan-1 mode then converts to a Deluxe Autobot Mainframe robot mode in 21 steps. Comes with 2 Beast Wars-inspired Golden Disk accessories (Voyager and Vok). Both disks fit in the WFC-K18 Dinobot figure's hands (sold separately, subject to availability). Includes 6 blast effects and a G1-inspired Sky Spy accessory that sits on top of Teletraan-1 mode. Includes a Golden Disk card that reveals a possible destiny of a key character.

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