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Togainu No Chi: Akira 6 Inch Designer Vinyl Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 05/07/2008


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Togainu No Chi: Akira 6 Inch Designer Vinyl Figure

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Togainu No Ichi: Akira 6 Inch Designer Vynil Figure

Known in the US as TRUE BLOOD, TOGAINU NO CHI is an anime, manga, and visual novel game featuring Boys, Blood, Battles and more! The two main characters of the series have been transformed into stylish (and super kawaii!) Designer Vinyl Figures.

Re-imagined by renowned Japanese artist Youpon-san, AKIRA and SHIKI stand 6 inches tall, and each is sold separately in their original Japanese language packages. Sculpted by "Gunkan 1045" and fully approved by the creators at Nitro+, Kotobukiya is the only company to bring Yaoi collectibles into 3d form! A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!