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Tenjho Tenge: 8" Aya Natsume Bome Special Edition PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 05/24/2006


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Tenjho Tenge: 8

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Tenjho Tenge: 8" Aya Natsume Bome PVC Figure
"Tenjho Tenge" loosely translates to "Heaven and Hell" or "Heaven and Earth". Such terms apply to the Natsume sisters, Aya and Maya, featured in the Shonen anime and manga series by Oh! great (Oogureito). These "tokubetsu" (roughly translated as "special edition") versions of Aya and Maya feature all-new, original paint chemes designed by sculptor/designer Bome, and are not based on any pre-existing anime or manga versions of the characters. These non-articulated PVC figures are similar in scale and quality to the other best sellers from Bome and each stand approximately 8" tall with base. Blister card packaging.

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