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Tales of Berseria: Velvet Crowe 1/8 PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 01/22/2020

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Tales of Berseria: Velvet Crowe 1/8 PVC Figure



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Tales of Berseria: Velvet Crowe 1/8 PVC Figure (Video Game Merchandise)

From Tales of Berseria comes a 1/8-scale figure of the main protagonist, Velvet Crowe! Alter brings Velvet to life through her dynamic pose and incredible detail. Her long hair flies wildly behind her as she spins around to attack, with the many strands adding to the depth of the sculpt as they weave in and out of her loosely tied braid. Her expression is cool and calculating, and her piercing eyes will capture your attention when you're finished admiring the rest of her many details. Her torn and tattered clothing only adds to the figure's depth, from her cape dancing around her legs, to her torn stockings and bandaged arm. Best of all, she comes with the transformed version of her Therion (Kuuma) arm to make her appearance even more beautiful but deadly.

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