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Super Mario Wendy O Koopa 8 Inch Plush  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 02/03/2023

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Super Mario Wendy O Koopa 8 Inch Plush
  • Publisher: Little Buddy
  • Genre: Plush, Nintendo
  • Platform: Merchandise



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Price: $24.95

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Super Mario Wendy O Koopa 8 Inch Plush (Video Game Merchandise)

Avoid Wendy's spells and stop her in her tracks! Now you can have a Wendy plush for your very own today! Wendy O. Koopa (known as Kootie Pie Koopa in the cartoons) is the sole female of the Koopalings, a seven-member clan that personally follows Bowser. Wendy and the other Koopalings were originally depicted as Bowser's children. This idea was usually omitted in games released after their debut in Super Mario Bros. 3, and Shigeru Miyamoto stated in a 2012 interview that Nintendo's current story was that they are not Bowser's children, leaving Bowser Jr. as his only offspring. She was named after famous musician Wendy O. Williams, lead singer of the punk band the Plasmatics.

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