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Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Series 2 Blanka Action Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 03/22/2005


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Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Series 2 Blanka Action Figure



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Street Fighter is universally accepted as the greatest fighting game of all time. It has been adapted into every possible media from feature films to anime to comics and while action figures have been made in the past, they always seem to have limited poseability. For the ultimate fighting game, that didn’t make much sense to us, so when Capcom approached us we saw the challenge and quickly said YES!

BLANKA: Involved in a plane crash in Brazil as a boy, Blanka was raised by the wild creatures of the rainforest. During his time among the animals, he turned feral and grew in power in order to survive the harsh way of life. Grown up now, Blanka does not know what became of his parents and his only reminder of his old life-a pair of ankle bracets. Blanka goes from tournament to tournament hoping to find out what became of his parents.

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