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Shining Wind Xecty Eve Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 07/08/2010


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Shining Wind Xecty Eve Statue

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Shining Wind Xecty Eve Statue

The series of dynamic female characters from the 'Shining' series continues with the star of the massively popular PlayStation 2 game Shining Wind, in an all-new version: XECTY E.V.E. One of Baelgard's four guardians, Xecty is an artificial life form created by Hiruda from Celestia's genetic material. The new E.V.E. version recreates the character's origin as an ancient biological body weapon.

Representing the ornate clothing of a bygone era, Xecty's outfit is an amazing example of Kotobukiya's excellent sculpting and attention to detail in an alternate version of her military uniform. The long bright red jacket features intricate hems, folds, and stitching, while layers and straps add white and black to the mix. On Xecty's sleeves are complicated laces and bright white symbols adorn her jacket at the shoulder and base. The humanoid weapon has a serene facial expression under distinctive ears and forehead horn. Xecty comes armed with a large scythe and stands upon an exclusive base. Sculpted by Hirotoshi Nakamura, Xecty is almost 8' tall (in 1/8th scale with the other Shining Wind Ani*Statues).

Imported from Japan!

Shining Wind Xecty Eve Statue

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