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Retro Contra 6.75 Inch Micro Arcade Player  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 09/16/2021

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Retro Contra 6.75 Inch Micro Arcade Player



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Price: $49.95

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Retro Contra6.75"In Micro Arcade Player(Video Game Merchandise)

This officially-licensed cabinet comes equipped with My Arcade's patent pending CO-VS technology, allowing players to connect two Micro Players for intense head-to-head competition. Standing at about 7" tall with a 3.5" screen, these are 1/10-scale replicas of the original arcade cabinet. Now you can have your very own playable mini arcade cabinet from My Arcade. Features artwork inspired by the original arcade cabinet. Requires a micro USB cable or 4 AA batteries (not included). Chhose from Contra or Space Invaders!

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